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Xinjiang Adventure Tours

Xinjiang Adventure Tours: We offer adventuers various Xinjiang Adventure Routes: Muztagh Climbing, Kanas and Hemu hiking,Bogoda Trekking and Taklamakan desert Trekking. Professional guide and paper work for special permit to those places.
  • Bogoda TrekkingUSD$0+

    Destinations: Bogoda
    Tour type: Adventure,Landscape,Photography
    Bogoda Peak Located in the eastern Tianshan Mountains, the highest sea level is 5445 meters. Along an elevation of 2100 m -3700 m walk the whole distance of 55KM, starting point at 2100m above sea level, the highest elevation of 3700 meters, at the end of the trekking is sea level is 1930m by the side of Heavenly lake. This line is from south to north across the Tianshan Mountains to dabancheng three mountains to the Beverly Tianchi is across the line.

  • 11 Days West China Adventure to Taklamakan desertUSD$0+

    Destinations: Kashgar,Khotan,Turpan,Urumqi
    Tour type: Culture,History,Adventure
    Southern Xinjiang is a region with diverse ethnice groups,culture and religions,which is its most distinctive feature.Follow the footstep of Mark Polo, knowing the history of Western Region,visiting the ruins along the Silk Road,driving across the Taklamgan desert.we are the best choice for you to experience the folklore of Xinjang.

  • 17 Days Silk Road Xinjiang TourUSD$0+

    Destinations: Urumqi--Turpan--Korler--Kuqa--Aksu--Kashgar-Dunhuang
    Tour type: Culture,Adventure,Folklore,Landscape
    Silk Road Xinjiang Tour bring you to the Southern Xinjiang to explore the featured customer and profound history of ancient Silk Route. You will also experience the Sunday livestock market in Kashgar and the Pamir Plateau.

  • 16 Days Aerjinshan Discovery AdventureUSD$0+

    Destinations: Urumqi--Turpan--Korler--Ruoqiang--Kechik Lake
    Tour type: Culture,History,Adventure,Folklore,Landscape,Handcraft
    Aerjinshan Discovery Adventure designed for the travelers who are keen on the wild region of Xinjiang, This area is the wild animal and plant protection preservation. Also includes the culture exploration in Turpan.

  • 12 Days Southern Xinjiang & Taklamkan Desert highway adventureUSD$0+

    Destinations: Urumqi → Turpan → Korler → Kuqa → Aksu → Kashgar
    Tour type: Culture,History,Adventure,Folklore,Landscape
    Southern Xinjiang and Taklamkan Desert highway Adventure starts from Urumqi, drive through the Taklamakan Desert to Kashgar which is the west most city of China. We will also visit Turpan, Korler, Kuqa and Hotan. Travel with locals enjoy excellent service.

  • 9 Days Lop Nur, Loulan and Dunhuang AdventureUSD$0+

    Destinations: Urumqi → Turpan → Kanas → Karamay
    Tour type: Culture,History,Adventure,Folklore,Landscape
    Lop Nur, Loulan Ruins and Dunhuang Adventure designed for the archiologist and the person who love the historical sites. This is an unusual route which is very challenge for the normal traveler no matter on health or expenses. This is the top ten adventure route in the World.

  • 9 Days Kanas and Hemu Trekking AdventureUSD$0+

    Destinations: Urumqi, Kanas
    Tour type: Culture,History,Folklore,Landscape
    Kanas and Hemu Trekking Adventure designed for the travelers who like the natural landscape and the trekking in the natural park. Travel with local Xinjianhg Travel Agency, enjoy the very best experience.